Benjamin B. Stern

319 Kenneda St
Holmen WI 54636

(608) 738-3040

Scheduling an Exhibition

Exhibitions are now being arranged if you would like to bring work to your Gallery or School, contact Benjamin Stern at:




See the work in person.

If you will be in the St. Louis, MO area and would like to my Topologies photographs, feel free to set up a meeting by contacting the Ellen Curlee Gallery

or Click Here for a list of up coming showings.

Mad Art Gallery



Commission / Purchase Work

If you are interested in arranging a commission for me to photograph a location or if you would like to purchase an image, feel free to contact Benjamin Stern at:

Commissioning work includes a large print of the final image and the rights to use the image for advertising.  Lectures can also be arranged for special events.

Images are mounted to 1/4" plexi that floats off the wall one inch.


A dye coupler print/ Chromogenic print refers to the printing process that uses photographic paper. This process is used when printing color negatives in the dark room.   Although my images are digital, they are printed with a light jet printer that exposes the paper with lasers.

Dye coupler print : a type of color print in which dyes are incorporated directly into silver - gelatin emulsions to produce full color prints. These dyes combine with chemicals formed during the development of exposed silver salts in the emulsion and together form the coloring agents in the finished print. The completed print consists of these synthesized dyes suspended in gelatin. All of the silver in the emulsion is removed during the processing.